Why is Lebanese food so Amazing?

Why is Lebanese food so Amazing?

In the video below, the Lebanese discuss why their cuisine is so amazing. From diversity to simplicity, from breakfast to dinner, there is something unique in every establishment, a passion and freshness accumulated over centuries of trade and communication with other nations and built on one of the broadest natural gardens in the world. And in case you were wondering, the lamb above is one that we made for a function recently – Kharouf Mahshi.


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  1. walid.

    Lebanese people are good in cooking their food, cause it is very rear to find food to be cooked with and without meat or beef.The Lebanese culture made the food healthy fresh full of energy sources .Lebanese people are all over the world from a very long time .This is a reason to have many kinds of food plus Lebanese are stuck to their typical tradition food.
    Even every part of Lebanon got it’s own way of cooking or marinating the food.Different ingredients plus the Lebanese are creative in their cooking.Some are diviners who believe that cooking is fun.Doing the mezze which is 52 different kinds of small plates is a work and an art.
    If you are in the UK you may try Meejana the number one Lebanese restaurant .You can’t find such food level even in Lebanon.
    Mezze is the starter then the main course.Manakeesh for any time.

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