Piano comes to Kensington

Piano comes to Kensington

On Friday evenings from 7.00pm, Meejana in Kensington now hosts live piano to entertain you while you dine. Relax with a superb selection of freshly prepared, home-cooked Lebanese mezze and a glass of wine with friends, a few grills or some of our great vegetarian dishes. There’s no entry fee or fixed timing for your reservations and you will be given the Middle Eastern welcome you would expect in our cosy, boutique restaurant on the Old Brompton Road.

As an independent restaurant, we make all our dishes by hand in the restaurant using the finest ingredients. It takes a little longer but the results speak for themselves. We also cook to order, so some dishes may take some time to produce like our Kibbeh bel Synieh (baked Kibbeh), Lamb Tagine, Slow Cooked Baby Chicken, Kharouf Ouzi or Djej Ouzi.

Our space is intimate and welcoming with rich, soft fabrics breaking up the layout. An eclectic mix of art dots the walls with contemporary and classical pieces here and there. The wine list has been hand-picked to complement the food and there is something for every palette from the Lebanese house red through to fine wines such as Chateau Talbot. We offer wines from many Lebanese producers as well as European, Old and New World bottles. You can find out more about our Lebanese wines and explore our interactive World Atlas of Wine on our page dedicated to them.

Sharing, generosity and hospitality are the hallmarks of Lebanese culture. Food is a celebration of life: Endless varieties and magical tastes … it is healthy and naturally prepared. It all comes together at mealtime, the time for a family get-together and the time for friends to catch up.

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