An Introduction To Lebanese Cuisine

An Introduction To Lebanese Cuisine

Here at Meejana, we offer an extensive, diverse menu packed full of Lebanese favourites and contemporary dishes. Our authentic dishes are family recipes, tried, tested and loved for generations! But what are the features of authentic Lebanese food, and what sets it apart from other Middle Eastern fare?

Lebanese staples

The Lebanese diet is a quintessentially Mediterranean one. Vegetables, fruits, fresh fish and seafood are in favour – and poultry is consumed far more often than red meat. If red meat is used in a dish, it’s likely to be lamb. Meats and vegetables are often grilled or sautéed, creating incredibly robust and earthy flavours

There are a few ingredients that are used in almost every Lebanese dish: lemon, olive oil and garlic. Food is often sautéed in garlic, and olive oil is used to dress salads, where its delicate flavour really comes alive. Lemon is used extensively in authentic Lebanese food – especially salads. The Lebanese often cook with a nut-based oil, such as peanut oil, for more flavour and better results, but due to allergies we do not use this, opting instead for a non-GMO vegetable oil.

Mezze: the tapas of Lebanon

Mezze is a way of life in Lebanon – it’s where a diverse collection of small dishes is placed before guests, allowing them to pick and choose the dishes they’d like to eat. Think raw salads, skewered meat, marinated seafood, pickled vegetables, hummus and pitta bread – everything you could possibly want! A typical mezze might consist of around thirty carefully selected dishes, both hot and cold.

Meejana classics

Meejana offers many Lebanese classics on their menus, including tabbouleh, which is a delicious parsley salad mixed with cracked wheat, tomato, lemon juice and olive oil. Chicken or lamb shawarma are also real favourites at Meejana – they involve shredded meat, marinated in an amazing blend of herbs and spices before being served in a rolled pitta with dipping sauces.

Meejana specialities

We have combined the best memories from family dinners and genuine Lebanese dishes to create specials that are just that – special to us. Our dishes are not fussy, we favour high quality ingredients, fresh produce and authentic combinations such as our frogs legs, spicy lamb, numerous Yakhnes (stews) and sharing platters for true family-style dining.

Lebanese desserts

Many people associated baklava with Greek cuisine, but it’s also popular in Lebanon. The key difference is that Greek baklava contains walnuts and honey, whereas Lebanese baklava is made with pistachio nuts. Ma’amoul is also a famous Lebanese delicacy – it’s essentially a cake made from semolina, with cookies filled with various nuts and dates. You’ll find both the baklava and ma’amoul on Meejana’s menu, as well as other favourites such as Om Ali and a selection of crêpes and artisan ice creams.

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