Group Dining



Large or Small, we have the Space for you


Group Dining at Meejana

We have private and separated spaces available in our restaurants which cater perfectly for groups of 8-12 people, 18-30 people, or 30+ people. The whole venue can be hired for a private event and we can arrange entertainment for the evening – such as belly dancers, singer/pianists or more.

Lebanese food is ideal for a function as it is designed for banqueting. This makes it easy for your guests as they don’t have to struggle with complicated menus as we take care of the dishes that will be cooked on the day, in consultation with you to ensure the right variety and options are presented. The process is often as easy as setting a budget for the meal and making a couple of suggestions about the balance of meat/vegetarian or spice/neutral dishes. We can also deliver special meals if you have a couple of guests who are very specific with their diets.

We do not usually charge a room or hire fee unless you want to use a large area for a small number of people. In these cases, we would agree on a minimum charge for the booking with you in advance.

The areas in our restaurants below are either private rooms or separate areas which offer privacy for your group. We can also accommodate smaller or larger groups, though you may be alongside other tables of guests.


Rear Dining Room: up to 28 guests
Main Dining Area: up to 40 guests
Whole Venue: up to 80 guests (with bar)


Rear Dining Area: up to 24 guests
Ground Floor: up to 50 guests


First Floor: up to 40 guests
Ground Floor: up to 20 guests
Outdoor Terrace: up to 30 guests

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