Meejana is proud to be contributing the #CookForSyria campaign organised by UNICEF’s Next Generation. During the whole month of November, we will be preparing our Kibbeh Labaniyeh (also known as Kibbeh bel Laban) the Syrian way. The main difference is that the mint in the yoghurt sauce is changed for tarragon. For every Kibbeh Labaniyeh sold throughout November, we will donate £2.50 from the price to the #CookForSyria campaign.

Kibbeh Labaniyeh (Kibbeh bel Laban)

Kibbeh are formed from ground lamb mixed with cracked wheat. This forms a shell, which we make by hand, and then stuff with minced lamb and pine nuts. These are then cooked in the yoghurt and tarragon sauce and served over a bed of rice. Great on a cold autumn night!

We are also donating to the cause from sales of our Mousakaat Batinjan (vegan aubergine dish cooked in a rich tomato sauce, with chick peas and onions, and served with traditional vermicelli rice). For every Mousakaat Batinjan main course sold throughout November, we will donate £2.00 from the price to the #CookForSyria campaign.

Mousakaat Batinjan

Since we also carry the excellent Syrian wines from Domaine de Bargylus (both white and red) we will also be donating £5 from every bottle sold throughout November towards the campaign.

For an authentic taste of the Levant, come along to Meejana in November and help contribute to the fundraising simply by ordering our Syrian items.

About the Campaign

#CookForSyria is a month-long celebration of Syrian cuisine in aid of the largest humanitarian crisis of our time. The campaign is organised by UNICEF’s Next Generation, in association with Suitcase Magazine and curated by @Clerkenwell_Boy. You can follow the main campaign on Instagram @CookForSyria or search with the hashtag above.

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