Catering: Cocktail Reception



Lebanese Amuse Bouche of Distinction

Canapés are the perfect amuse-bouche for pre dinner drinks, nibbles with friends, a cocktail party, wedding reception or a corporate event such as a launch or networking event and add a touch of elegance to every occasion.

At Meejana, we make all our canapés fresh for each event and they allow our chefs to demonstrate their creativity and skill with exciting flavours, as well as miniaturised versions of classic Lebanese mezze. There are a selection of ideas in our catering brochure, and we are happy to create a bespoke set for your event.

Canapés can be deceptive and it is important you make sure you provide the right amount of food as this can be paramount to the success of your party or event. Below is an outline of what usually works well:

  • Pre-dinner nibbles or welcome: 4-5 items per person
  • Cocktail party: 5 items per person (first hour), then 4 items per hour thereafter
  • An afternoon or evening: 12-15 items per person for the duration of the event

Although variety is the spice of life we recommended your guests get to try at least one of each flavour, for example, if you were having pre-dinner drinks, you would only require 4-5 varieties.

Please be as detailed as you can.

Suggested Fish

Salmon Tartar with Lime & Dill
Smoked Salmon • Prawn & Rocket
Crayfish & Asparagus • Taramasalata

Suggested Meat

12-Spiced Chicken • Makanek
Grilled Chicken & Mustard • Lamb Fillet
Beef & Horseradish • Bastorma
Mini Lamb/Chicken Shawarma Wraps

Suggested Vegetarian

Tabbouleh • Haloumi & Apricot
Tapenade of Olive • Goat Cheese & Figs
Stuffed Artichokes • Stuffed Peppers
Labneh • Guacamole • Egg & Chive

Suggested Hot Canapés

Haloumi & Bastorma • Scallop & Bastorma
Foul Moudammas Cups • Kibbeh Samak
Kibbeh Lahme • Kibbeh Patata • Sojok
Rikakat Kraydes • Falafel

Suggested Dessert

Mini Fruit Tarts • Baklawa • Petits Fours
Fruit Brochettes • Mini Gateaux