Bouchon Family Wines

Bouchon Family Wines

For Bouchon, family is everything: past, present and future. A young Julio Bouchon Jr. joined the family project halfway through the 90s. His siblings Juan and María came on board ten years later. Their arrival coincided with a new phase for Bouchon: exportation. It was a time when a young, fresh point of view was just what was needed to strike a new balance between tradition and innovation.

The professions and experience of the three siblings complement each other perfectly. Nowadays each one has their own area of expertise, but they all share fond memories of a childhood spent at their father’s side at the annual pruning before the onset of winter, as well as helping him sample the grapes at harvest time.

In 2014, this latest Bouchon generation struck out on their own and re-launched “Las Mercedes”, creating wines that represent their own style under the freedom of a separate label.

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Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2015 (Chile)

Varietals: Sauvignon Blanc

A lovely fresh, zippy style from 25 year old vines and one of the oldest family estate in Chile. A supple and refreshing, pure and slightly spicy wine with citrus fruits and herbs on the nose and palate. Mineral notes add to its elegance. It is light, unoaked, with good acidity, freshness and excellent balance.

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