An Interview with Meejana

An Interview with Meejana

In 2016, Cylex, the online business portal and community site, interviewed Meejana to find out a little more about what we do. We have reproduced the interview below as it is a good intro to our company.

Many dishes in Lebanese cuisine can be traced back to thousands of years to Roman, and even Phoenician times. For most of its recent past, Lebanon has been ruled by foreign powers that have influenced the types of food the Lebanese ate. Meejana is a traditional Lebanese restaurant in Weybridge, Surrey, and London, UK specialising in the best quality wines, mezze and main courses. Let’s read more about it!

Cylex: What type of restaurant is Meejana?

Meejana: Meejana is a Lebanese restaurant. We have two sites, the original one in Weybridge, Surrey which opened nine years ago and a sister site on the Old Brompton Road in South Kensington which recently opened.

C: What is typical for Lebanese food?

M: Lebanese food is famous for its mezze – small dishes which carpet the table with a range of tastes from salads to dips, seafood, meat and chicken. Mezze are hand-made and time consuming, so people enjoy eating these in restaurants. Lebanese food is also more refined with just the right balance of herbs and spices. Lebanese food is also perfect for catering as it offers a huge range of dishes, including centrepiece dishes such as whole stuffed lamb, stews, grills, and works well for any meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

C: Do you offer call-ahead seating or do you take reservations?

M: The restaurants take reservations and walk-ins. At busy times (especially weekends) we recommend phoning ahead to check availability. You can always book easily online through our website.

C: Does your restaurant provide any type of special recognition for customers who dine at Meejana on their birthday or anniversary?

M: We can arrange celebration cakes for special occasions, but these need to be booked in advance as we work with professional patisserie chefs to make bespoke cakes. We have also launched a rewards program through our online mailing list to reward people who have upcoming birthdays.

C: What sort of events do you cater for? How long before should a booking be made?

M: We do event catering for office functions, birthdays, weddings, wakes, dinner parties and buffets. Events can be small and intimate, or for 150+ guests. Small events can be arranged a week ahead, but larger events should be planned at least a month in advance.

C: Is there anything else besides the Lebanese food that you serve in your menu/ for events?

M: We can provide everything from the food through to plates, cutlery, linen, staff, entertainment, wine, bar and marquees. We have full events experience and can provide additional services as required.

C: Why choose the services of Meejana?

M: We have been providing catering services as Meejana for 9 years now, but our experience accumulates 20+ years of event experience ranging from arranging restaurant food shows and public events through to specialised, fully themed events. We draw on this wealth of experience to not only provide great Lebanese food, but to ensure the experience is also one that creates happy memories for your guests in the months (and years) that follow.

Sharing, generosity and hospitality are the hallmarks of Lebanese culture. Food, is a celebration of life: Endless varieties and magical tastes…it is healthy and naturally prepared. It all comes together at meal time, the time for a family get-together and the time for friends to catch up.

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